New Patients

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Anchorage?

Welcome to Align Chiropractic! We are excited to welcome you as a new patient and extend our greeting to welcome you into the Align Family. We here at Align offer many services to those looking for a chiropractor in Anchorage. Lucky for our patients, most insurance plans offer benefits for chiropractic care!

We are in-network with most insurance companies, meaning that if you are looking for massage therapy in Anchorage and would like to use the benefits allowed under your health insurance plan, you can be a patient of Align for an affordable price!

For your convenience, we accept ALL INSURANCES, but we are in-network with the following:

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If you are going to use health insurance, please have your documents with you when you come in for your first appointment. Additionally, we accept the following insurances:  


TriWest Healthcare Alliance was established in order to compete for a U.S. Government contract to manage civilian health care benefits under the newly established TRICARE program within the 16-state TRICARE Central Region, also known as Regions 7 and 8. We value your dedication to our country and thank you for your service.

Denali KidCare

Regular chiropractic care for the entire family can quickly become very expensive. With Denali Kidcare your children and teens through the age of 21 will be covered for most – if not all – of your chiropractic health care costs. This can help to keep your family’s chiropractic care even more manageable and affordable.




I’m looking for a chiropractor in Anchorage. Where are you located?: We are conveniently located in the UMED district of Midtown Anchorage. Our office is at 2665 E. Tudor Road #201 Anchorage, AK 99508. 

I’m looking for a massage therapist in Anchorage. Where are you located?: We are conveniently located in the UMED district of Midtown Anchorage. Our office is at 2665 E. Tudor Road #201 Anchorage, AK 99508.

What techniques do you practice: We practice the diversified technique, which is a combination of adjustments. Essentially its taking all the best techniques and incorporating them with each patient.

Do you have to take X-rays: No but it is a good idea and recommended.

Will you give me all your recommendations in writing: Absolutely! We encourage home care as part of your treatment plan. After your adjustment, our staff will go through the exercises for you to complete in the comfort of your own home.

Can you provide me with references: Referrals? You bet. We have a great team we continue to work with and professionally recommend. 

What kind of payment plans are available: We have several different options, including most insurances and payment options through different formats. 

Do you have criteria for determining how many visits I need? It’s a case by case basis with each patient. Depending on the severity of injury/problem. We can use X-rays and diagnostic tests to help determine this. We will take this week by week to see what you need. Every month we check on the progress and reevaluate what we need to do. Our goal is to have you healthy as quickly as possible.

Will you show me techniques to prevent these issues: Education is a huge part of chiropractic care. 

How long will each exam take? A new patient exam is about 30 to 45 minutes. Each appointment after that will be 15 to 30 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment to complete the required paperwork.