I just had the most amazing massage with the massage therapist at Align Chiropractic! If you have true muscular aches and pains this was by far the best massage I have ever had. Victor knows his stuff and will make you feel much better. He is the real deal. Beautiful new office and great service. I will be back!                   – Megan F., April 2016

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t writing this review from the parking lot after my appointment. I have been dealing with chiropractic problems my entire life, migraines mostly. A friend recommended I check this place out and I am SOOOOO happy I did. I honestly thought my chiropractic office that I used to go to was the best until I walked out the door of this office. I will definitely be a regular here! Victor took one look at me and knew exactly what he was going to do. He’s professional, personal and all around the best. He talked me through the massage and not only focused on what was hurting, but found spots I didn’t even know existed. He also recommended what to do so once I left the office to reduce my chances of being sore. The environment, was clean, modern and very relaxing. The staff was great and really welcoming. I would give 10 out of 5 stars if I could. I can’t say enough about Align Chiropractic! You guys rock!!! – Brianna C., April 2016

sharin f“I’ve had a few massages before and always felt like I couldn’t enjoy the experience because I’m really high strung. This however was a different experience. No clue why they aren’t listed for prenatal massage, but they do offer them. I called ahead and even showed up since I was in the neighborhood. They took my insurance and even let me make my copay ahead of time. The two people I dealt with were very nice and accommodating. The lobby is small, but very comfortable. The room is the same. Quaint but comfy. My massage therapist was very nice and made me feel comfortable. She asked all the right questions and was very attentive. It was the most relaxed I’ve been in quite some time. It was so great I scheduled out the next one for two weeks and even scheduled one for my husband.  They have amazing customer service, amazing massages and they make it super simple to set appointments, pay or just ask questions.”                     -Sharin F., January 2017


I’ve had constant leg and hip pain for the last 6 years and I thought it was just part of my life forever. Dr. Tudor gave me one adjustment and the relief was instant. My massage, provided by Brice, was relaxing and educational!                   -Chami W. , April 2016

Thank you Dr. Adam Tudor! I’m feeling much better thanks to you. You and your staff are so professional and friendly, I also love your beautiful office! I will be coming back if I’m in need and I will be referring my friends and family!           – Amanda R. , April 2016

Absolutely cannot say enough about Align! Service and staff are great. Love the friendly welcome at the front, followed by delicious hot tea and relaxation in the serene reception area before heading in for my treatment. I’m excited to see an Anchorage business taking it to the next level and tailoring an experience for its clients/patients.                                   -Nicole C., 2016

Had my first massage ever today! The staff is very knowledgeable and put me at ease. It was a relaxing experience Super friendly as well! Thank you, Align!
-Shelby V. , April 2016
A beautiful office is nothing without skillful and professional people working inside of it! Lucky for Anchorage, this place is the full package.

-Jennifer R. , April 2016


Tchiro-special-newhe ambiance is beautiful and the staff are great. I was greeted with warm smiles and professional conversation. My massage, provided by Brice Breaux, was exactly what my body required. I am training as a body builder and Brice’s knowledge and athletic experience was very helpful during the massage. He was able to explain in great depth reasons why I am feeling a certain pain or discomfort and was able to relieve those pains and discomforts. I will be referring all of my lifting buddies to Align !                                            -Lakota T., April 2016

First off, Align has a beautiful office. I’ve gotten a couple of adjustments from Dr. Tudor and he does a great job. I’ve felt better afterwards both times. I did get a massage and enjoyed that as well. I like deep tissue and Victor is awesome about getting just the right amount of pressure. I can’t stand wasting my time and money on a weak massage that doesn’t benefit me. Victor’s massage was a great value for the benefit I received.
– Jason D., April 2016